Medicaid Planning

Help With Medical Planning

The area of Elder Law addresses such a wide variety of issues unique to the elderly population that it requires vigilant study to stay abreast of the ever-changing laws and regulations. In fact, the issues are so numerous and varied that most elder law attorneys limit their practices to a few areas, and rely on and refer to a growing network of elder law attorneys to handle matters outside of their areas of expertise.

Medicaid Law

Perhaps the area of practice that most distinguishes elder law attorneys from other legal practitioners is Medicaid law. While Medicare pays for limited services in the nursing home, Medicaid is the only government program that pays for long-term nursing care. Many people are very surprised to learn the average cost of nursing home care in Alabama ranges from $4,000 to $5,000 per month.

The Medicaid program is for people with limited resources and income. We can review your case to determine the benefits you may qualify for. Medicaid is a complex law and we take the time to explain the law and the application process. We work to help you understand what to expect.

Don’t Delay Starting Your Plan

Preparing for tomorrow can never come too soon since there is no telling what tomorrow may bring. Make sure you spare your loved ones any confusion when you cannot answer some critical questions. If you want assurance that your loved ones will uphold your wishes when you cannot contact our Fairhope office today. Call 251-517-4354 or email the firm to schedule your initial consultation today.