Elder Law FAQ

Elder Law FAQ

One of the biggest and most powerful market forces in our society today is the older population. The legal profession has recognized that the elder population is made up of complex individuals with a variety of important legal needs. The legal profession has responded by identifying the area of “elder law” as an area of specialization.

With elder law being a relatively new area of law, we at The Law Office of Wendy A. Pierce want to answer some common questions for you.

How Did Elder Law Begin?

Even though many attorneys, during the past 25 years or so, have built their practices around serving the needs of the elder population, the term “elder law” has just recently shown up on the list of legal specializations. In one of the major turning points for the area of elder law, the American Bar Association, in 1994, approved a national certification program implemented by the National Elder Law Foundation.

Who Are Elder Law Attorneys And What Do They Do?

The unique services of an Elder Law Lawyer are most beneficial for those aged 50 and above and include assistance in understanding nursing home regulations, Medicaid and Medicare benefits, Social Security Disability benefits, and long-term care insurance issues. They also handle estate planning, wills, powers of attorney, elder abuse, fraud, housing issues, age discrimination concerns, and retirement and pension benefits. Other areas include working with families of Alzheimer’s patients, educating upcoming baby boomers on the “how to” of making retirement dollars stretch further, as well as offering wise solutions when “spending down” becomes necessary due to a nursing home placement.

More Questions? Contact Us

Elder law is a complex area and we understand you likely have many questions. If you need help with elder law matters, we can answer your questions and assist with your legal needs. To speak with an attorney, contact us online or call our Fairhope office at 251-928-7988.